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Toxic Game
by Christine Feehan

This is one of my new favorites in the series. I loved how they interacted and worked like a team.

Le Petit Prince
by Antoine De Saint-exupery

I loved it! I love how the story can be enjoyed by readers of all levels and how everyone can interpret different plot devices and metaphors in different ways.

by Joe Navarro


Narotu vol 4
by Joe


Naruto vol3
by Joe

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Naruto vol 2
by Joe

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Naruto Manga
by Joe

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by Joemama

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I Survived The Great Chicago Fire
by Lauren Tarshis

The book is about this kid that moved to Chicago. He had to survive rushing crowds and walls of fire.

Bad Pets
by A

It was a great book about pets doing illegal things. It was really funny. I really liked it.
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